• See what I did there? I used satire to make a point.

    Omni are welcome to charge whatever they want. If I didn’t feel disappointed in Outliner Pro, I’d probably pay the $249 for OmniGraffle.

  • OmniGraffle is too expensive. I want—no wait, I demand—they lower the price from $249 to .. well … let’s say $39 (yes, the Pro version is the only version because a vector drawing program without SVG export in 2020 is silly)

    They have an effective macOS vector drawing monopoly

  • Look, I don’t really know what Archive Utility.app is doing when it is unarchiving Xcode-beta.app, but … well … I’m guessing it’s some combination of finding SETI signals, unfurling protein molecules and solving world peace.

    That seems to be the amount of work done.

  • I remember my friend @johnwilander saying: “Erik, do you think we, in our lifetime, ever will be able to put a Swedish umlaut (ÅÄÖ) in a filename and not feel a little apprehensive and worried?”

    At first I laughed. Then I thought about it. Less funny the more I thought about it.

  • Git was on my mind as I was struggling with having made the massive mistake of changing the camel-casing of file. It’s 2020, everything is APFS, UTF-8 et cetera—it doesn’t matter. Changing capitalization of a filename makes the DVCS explode.

  • As a developer community, let’s admit it. “Pull request” is an awful name. I understand why it’s called this, but it’s wrong. No one is using git like this. “Push request”, “Submit request”, all better and empathetic to the actual developer.

    Don’t at me.

  • 5 minutes until Canon’s big Canon R5 and R6 event. Important products for them at a difficult time for the entire camera industry.

  • This is so cool! Sync your Profoto strobes with the camera on the iOS device.

    profoto.com/int/b10 petapixel.com/2020/07/0…

  • Please please please. It’s Xcode. Not xCode. Not XCode. Not xcode. Xcode!

    Also, it’s not pronounced “Ten-Code” if someone is doing that. Oh God, someone is probably doing that …

  • I have been thinking a lot about Blender recently.

    Today I had to go on a day trip and in the car I listened to @kocenida’s Creative Selection—I have read it before, but I love it so much, I wanted to listen to the audio version as well.

    Anyways … Blender … Konquerer …

  • Apple, please, do a KHTML, but for 3D modelling and rendering.

    Take Blender, make it a real macOS app, let Metal do the rendering. Make it scream on Apple Silicon GPUs. Come up with a cool name.

    Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Full Metal X?

  • It’s amazing how many companies all of a sudden are finding very serious bugs in their iOS apps. All related to the clipboard. I’ve written iOS code for 10 years and I don’t think I ever have even touched the clipboard handling.

  • I hope the semiconductor harvest is good this year. May the MOSFET Gods grant us high yields and give us more NAND gates than we know what to do with.

  • My love for PDF and Postscript runs deep. Open, vector, searchable, fast.

  • Best iOS 14 feature I have found so far:

    When taking a screenshot of Safari, you can select to save the entire web page. Saves as a one long PDF page—exactly like I want it to. Searchable.

    Courtesy of the new createPDF() infrastructure in WKWebView (or if it’s in WebKit … )

  • One iOS 14 thing though … where’s the Safari web page translation stuff? I can’t find any trace of this anywhere.

    I really need this feature. Living in a country with three official languages—of which I barely know one—is not easy.

  • So far, the first iOS 14 beta has been rock solid for me. Nothing weird at all. Except getting privacy notices for lots of apps that is …

    Good job Apple engineers!

  • The iPad could become the best of the console world—affordable, locked down, same hardware for everyone, deterministic performance—combined with the gaming PCs input versatility and (if Apple Silicon delivers) perhaps even GPU performance.

    Sounds pretty exciting to me.

  • WWDC 2020 more or less done for me. As it’s during a pandemic, it was really good. Without the qualifier, I thought it was a little thin.

    Surprisingly my favorite presentation was “Bring keyboard and mouse gaming to iPad”. So well done, so many opportunities.

    #wwdc #wwdc10617

  • WWDC 2020 “Bring keyboard and mouse gaming to iPad” Yes! Incredible.



  • No new hardware shown at all. Not even a teaser to make us understand what the actual gains of an architecture switch would be.

    No real information about what the architecture actually will be like. No ballpark figures for performance, energy or price.

  • In general, I think I’m disappointed in the keynote, but especially the state of the union.

    Very little talk about Xcode, Swift and other details for us developers. The architecture change for Mac is historical, but at the same time, very little information.

  • Trying to collect my post-keynote WWDC thoughts.

    Regarding the meta stuff …

    Great production, editing and pace. Was worried about the potential for an infomercial feeling, but the production and performances made it enjoyable.

  • App Store rule changes I want:

    • No web apps in a thin native wrapper
    • No non-approved 3rd party frameworks
    • No tracking of any kind, for any reason
    • 1 chance if you try to find loopholes in the rules
    • No IAP or subscriptions. Free or trials + buy + upgrade pricing only
  • OMG! I just found this secret list in the Gourmet Haus Staudt’s bathroom!

    It’s in Tim’s handwriting and it says:

    Apple priorities: 1) Apple 2) End-users 3) Developers . . . (turns paper) . . . 4711) Other businesses

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