• 5th of October—start of Dylan Month in this Annus Horribilis 2020.

    Be kind to your self, your loved ones and your brothers and sisters.

    “Far between sundown’s finish an’ midnight’s broken toll. We ducked inside the doorway, thunder crashing.”

  • If Apple allowed side loading, I’m willing to bet $100 that Facebook, within 24 months, will remove their iOS app from the App Store. They will use this to allow for “a better user experience”—allowing their business model to work better on the platform.

  • Thank God for @gruber. The only sane voice during this time. I also think the comparisons to the rms crowd is very apt (I’ve been saying it as well).

    If we at least had a conversation about what we’d like Apple to do and not just making petulant, insane, childish demands.

  • Two great experiences yesterday:

    1) I installed Tesla’s wireless device charger in our Model 3. Really nice and the perfect use of Qi charging.

    2) My Swiss bank UBS, finally—FINALLY!—have Apple Pay support and I got to pay my groceries with it. Life changing.

  • To paraphrase Charlie Young’s dad: If Microsoft, Epic, Google, Spotify and Facebook is shooting at you, you know you’re doing something right.

  • And all this while there’s still no proper text editor in the App Store (to use one example of many many normal apps that people could create) … but please, tell me again why Apple owes you to create a platform for you to sell virtual goods to kids inside a casino.

  • Jesus, I’m so annoyed today, I actually started thinking about Intel SX. Remember that shit? Business people, putting more effort into disabling the 32-bit bus of the 80386.

    Later, the 486DX having floating point, while the 486SX had the 487 disabled (DFP!).

    Good times.

  • This idea that 1) there is such a thing as a “general computing device”, and 2) this obligates the creator to do what other demand, even if it’s against the creators wishes and best interest …

    I demand Intel creates an x86 instruction, making AMD margins improve?

  • 10+ years of feeling alone arguing against, the web being the best platform for interaction. But now, all of a sudden, iOS is so good and no one cares about your web thingy, so the App Store is a public utility.

    It can’t be both. Start by admitting the users hate using web apps.

  • Are we raging against the world’s largest tracker, aggressively influencing standards, owning the browser, DNS services, closed sourced, large binary blobs in most mobile binary applications, indexing the web, and having the largest mobile computing platform, yet?


  • Apple built the platform. They can do whatever they want. It is not public infrastructure, like roads or even the internet. It’s not a monopoly.

  • By these crazy definitions, my car is a “general computing platform” and I demand Tesla create a digital marketplace where I can sell my Tesla apps. Also, they are not allowed to have too many opinions about what kind of apps I create or charge me too much—defined by me—for this.

  • Our community seems to be siding with awful companies who want to be even more awful, creating virtual casinos for children.

    Or companies who want to track everyone’s private lives.


  • I think this week’s ATP is the last straw for me. I can’t stand, especially Marco’s, badly argued positions. Positions, not only held be him, but lots of other people in the community, with obvious biases as their income is based on the platform.

  • Please Apple, I beg you, remove the App Store, remove all 3rd party apps and deliver iOS 14 with only Apple built apps.

    I’m so tired of this. Usually somewhat reasonable people have gone totally loco and all of them are saying the App Store and iOS is a public utility.

  • See what I did there? I used satire to make a point.

    Omni are welcome to charge whatever they want. If I didn’t feel disappointed in Outliner Pro, I’d probably pay the $249 for OmniGraffle.

  • OmniGraffle is too expensive. I want—no wait, I demand—they lower the price from $249 to .. well … let’s say $39 (yes, the Pro version is the only version because a vector drawing program without SVG export in 2020 is silly)

    They have an effective macOS vector drawing monopoly

  • Look, I don’t really know what Archive Utility.app is doing when it is unarchiving Xcode-beta.app, but … well … I’m guessing it’s some combination of finding SETI signals, unfurling protein molecules and solving world peace.

    That seems to be the amount of work done.

  • I remember my friend @johnwilander saying: “Erik, do you think we, in our lifetime, ever will be able to put a Swedish umlaut (ÅÄÖ) in a filename and not feel a little apprehensive and worried?”

    At first I laughed. Then I thought about it. Less funny the more I thought about it.

  • Git was on my mind as I was struggling with having made the massive mistake of changing the camel-casing of file. It’s 2020, everything is APFS, UTF-8 et cetera—it doesn’t matter. Changing capitalization of a filename makes the DVCS explode.

  • As a developer community, let’s admit it. “Pull request” is an awful name. I understand why it’s called this, but it’s wrong. No one is using git like this. “Push request”, “Submit request”, all better and empathetic to the actual developer.

    Don’t at me.

  • 5 minutes until Canon’s big Canon R5 and R6 event. Important products for them at a difficult time for the entire camera industry.

  • This is so cool! Sync your Profoto strobes with the camera on the iOS device.

    profoto.com/int/b10 petapixel.com/2020/07/0…

  • Please please please. It’s Xcode. Not xCode. Not XCode. Not xcode. Xcode!

    Also, it’s not pronounced “Ten-Code” if someone is doing that. Oh God, someone is probably doing that …

  • I have been thinking a lot about Blender recently.

    Today I had to go on a day trip and in the car I listened to @kocenida’s Creative Selection—I have read it before, but I love it so much, I wanted to listen to the audio version as well.

    Anyways … Blender … Konquerer …

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